The New Believers' Class is designed to help new believers in Jesus Christ grow in the basics and foundations of the Christian faith.

We want very much for every Christian to learn the basics of the Christian life.  So, the New Believers' Class is a 10-week class with the following subjects:

  1. What is the Bible?  How can I read and study it and begin to understand it.
  2. What is fellowship?  Why does God call me to fellowship with Him and other believers.
  3. What is prayer?  How do I pray to God and know He hears me?
  4. What does it mean to be a "Witness of Jesus Christ"?
  5. What decision making does God have for me?
  6. What does spiritual growth look like?
  7. What is the Trinity?  How can I understand it?
We use a booklet developed by Harvest Christian Fellowship (Greg Laurie's ministry).  And, a booklet will be given to anyone who attends.

Additionally, you can attend the class at any sign-ups are required.

    Class Time:  The is a 10-week class that is held two times a year on Sunday's at 9:00am in our 2nd to 6th grade classroom.

    Our Upcoming Classes:  Next set of classes: To Be Announced...